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About Lease Local

Who We Are.

Lease Local are a proud part of the growing business portfolio of Local Motors Ltd. 

How It All Began.

After 10 years in the motor industry working for various main dealer groups, manufacturers, and leasing companies our founder and M.D Paul started the business way back in 2000 with his late dad John. We decided to be radical and open a car shop on the high street. A little bit like an estate agents or travel agents where customers could buy and sell all makes and models of new and used cars through the shop and an online portal. The immediate vision back then was to utilise the power of the upcoming internet to provide customers with the best new car leasing, contract hire and new car deals in the UK wide market, but with a local and friendly, over the counter type of service if they needed it. The business quickly grew and naturally, used cars came into the business as part exchanges so we opened a used car retail outlet to dispose of them. We still operate that business to this day. We’ve also offered trade car disposal to business and private customers over the years and continue to do that to this day too. We proudly became a Ltd company in 2012. Throughout these successful trading years we have supplied 1000’s of new and used cars and vans, to private and business customers, with new car finance, contract hire and leasing and used car finance backed by a bold but true statement we started out with back in the year 2000.......

”We Don’t Sell Cars, We Help People To Buy Them”

And Now......Lease Local - The Contract Hire & Leasing Specialists.
It was only a matter of time before we launched Lease Local due to our customers ever increasing thirst for a brand new car on their drive with lower priced fixed cost motoring. Lease Local will provide its customers with hundreds, if not thousands of hot contract hire and leasing deals. We will only ever advertise real deals which exist and offer great value.....pre-vetted and pre-compared by our team of specialists so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Our Core Values.

We fully understand the market and know there are a lot of Contract Hire and Leasing companies out there who advertise “unrealistic” and “unavailable” offers to lure potential customers in, only to let them down. They promote low mileage contracts, high initial deposit deals which are simply unrealistic......We at Lease Local are not about that!

We are about 100% clarity and real deals, so Lease Local will only ever advertise and deliver offers which are pre-compared in terms of price and value, and pre-vetted in terms of actual availability. This ensures our customers the best service available in the Contract Hire and Leasing market.

Our Ultimate Aim.

To simply be the best in class! We will do this by continuing to offer our customers the personal, professional and friendly 5 Star rated service level they have become accustomed to.